now . sado . ora . dabar . сейчас . acum . ahora . nu . maintenant

Ria Gerth

* 1954 in Deutschland

lebt in Köln

Study of art and sculpture at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, Alfter/Bonn, Germany, Diploma at the Alanus Universitiy of Arts. Her work has been shown at Lotte Museum in Wetzlar, Kunsthalle Gießen, Kunstverein Wetzlar, Neuer Kunstverein Wuppertal, Kunstverein Bad Nauheim, Museum Bärengasse in Zürich, Central Exhibition Hall, Manege St. Petersburg, National Museum of Fine Arts in Republik Tartastan. Landartprojekts in Switzerland, Italy and Finland. International art fairs in Cologne. She works in art projects since 1996 and as curator since 2013.

Co-curator of BLAUE STUNDE VII



2:11 min



Water, that most precious and public commodity, is being ruthlessly and irresponsibly depleted worldwide by industry and big corporations. Formerly green landscapes dry up and become deserts by wasting water for the food production industry. Toxic substances poison the groundwater and the environment. Big companies even purchase the exclusive right to water sources. Fewer and fewer people in the world have clean drinking water. The UN has predicted this to occur on a drastic scale. The depletion of the global water resources is the theme of the video “breathe” by Ria Gerth.


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