now . sado . ora . dabar . сейчас . acum . ahora . nu . maintenant

Tina Willgren

* 1972 in Schweden

Lebt in Stockholm

Tina Willgren is a visual artist working primarily with video. She received her MA degree at the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm in 2005. Recent exhibitions and screenings include: „Digital Graffiti“, Alys Beach, Florida, USA, „Video Visions“, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, Australia (Channel Festival program) „FILE 2014“, Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paolo, Brazil and Athens Digital Arts Festval,  Athens, Greece. In November 2016 her solo exhibition “Jingled” will be on show at Art Center Haihatus, Joutsa, Finland.



2:29 min


Street traffic remixed! Everyday cars transformed into flying objects.


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