Beate Gördes

* 1961 in Herten, Deutschland

lebt in Köln

1987-1992 Study of Fine Arts/Painting at the FH Cologne

Since 1985 various exhibitions in Germany and abroad. In recent years, focus has shifted to video art in combination with electro-acoustic sounds. Numerous participations in international video-festivals.
Awards and Scholarships: 2013  A und A Cultural Foundation (promotion and award for „Blaue Stunde“) // „Worte sind Boote“ Poetry Video Competition by Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Lyrik e.V. (award) // 2002  Kunststation Kleinsassen (residency) // 2001  2. Biennale Neues Aquarell, Kunststation Kleinsassen (award)

Founder and curator of BLAUE STUNDE, held annually since 2009



2:59 min


During my childhood some dreams revealed the first signs of my strong longing for freedom. Therein, I perceived the phenomena of nature, with its thermal conditions, the lunar cycle, the tides, the growth of plants… and I felt the universal protection on my side.

Sound: Beate Gördes


60 Meter


2:40 min


Fair at night on the banks of the Rhine in Cologne-Deutz.
From a distance I was fascinated by a modern 60 meter high fairground carousel. I spontaneously followed my thirst for adventure and sat down in a gondola. I had underetimated the altitude and I died a thousand deaths. Only concentrating on the display of my video camera kept my panic to a minimum.

Sound: Beate Gördes